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Estate & Property Marketing with Drones

Aerial photography dramatically enhances the saleability of property (both residential and commercial). It not only gives it a more proportionate viewing perspective by placing the property in its surrounding gardens or estate but it places the property within the wider beautiful scenic  or maybe even urban landscape.  This scene setting helps to enhance and capture the feel of the property or area, hopefully establishing a positive and deep emotive response from a potential buyer.

This film set marketing could be an idyllic family setting, or captures the exclusivity such as the extensive, secluded and luxurious surroundings. Maybe it just highlights the breath taking situational aspect of the property. The beautiful loch or majestic mountains in the back ground which potential buyers will view from the large glass patio doors of the property. They are not only buying a beautiful building, but it is placing them into a beautiful setting and lifestyle they have always dreamed of having.

Drone technology when used in the appropriate setting can capture affordable and extremely viewable photographs and videos. This captured data is highly beneficial to increasing and inspiring a wider buyer audience, increasing footfall, driving more potential buyers to viewings and eventual sale with an increased margin over the asking price of the property.

Not only can drones enhance the marketability and sales of the property it can help with after sale snagging enquiries. The capture of roofing, chimney, guttering and the structure footage can identify any potential issues which can be rectified before the property is surveyed or seen by potential buyers.  Drones can also be used by surveyors for valuation and seller reports. No more viewing through binoculars. Now this data can be captured by ultra-high definition camera, stored digitally for longevity and used in sales reports, repair estimation or after sales negotiation.

Many properties would benefit from aerial drone photography in any sales marketing materials although it is the estates and farms that can truly be captured. Expenditure is key to the question of should you include aerial photography in the marketing of your property. If the package is combined with structural footage at the right price, this could save you a lot of money, time and stress in pre and post-sale.

Unfortunately estate agents, surveyors or you are unable to just pick up a drone and take video and photographs of your property to use commercially, such as, in the sale of your home. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is now taking steps to regulate these activities so anyone without the regulated permission would face a substantial fine or prison if caught using drones  for commercial purposes (without Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO)) from the CAA)) or without appropriate insurance.

Drone operators’ themselves are also placed under strict restrictions of where and when they are able to fly; regulations also ensure they are properly insured. Not only are they experienced at flying drones, they have invested money and time into equipment and study to pass appropriate examinations, flight tests and submitted documentation detailing extensive operating and safety procedures to the CAA. The CAA have then scrutinised these Operations Manuals to ensure they meet the required standards before issuing the Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

Some restrictions will affect how and where we can operate drones. There are difficulties in built up areas, over roads and residential areas. Whilst not impossible it involves a lot of extra time and work informing local authorities, applications for road closures, informing people in the vicinity.

Sky-Pin Drones want to help maximise the potential of your property sale if appropriate to do so. We have put together a package combining both property photography and roof inspection at a price point that is affordable and flexible.

If your require advise on drone use, a quote or any other information please contact us at Sky-Pin Drones on +44 (0)7979793132 or email at or through our website


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