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Aerial Data Collection 

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Across  Scotland and the UK 


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Sunny Hills 2.jpg

Mapping from above

Sky-Pin Drones facilitates the digital capture and collection of data for highly accurate 2D and 3D  land mapping surveys to help landowners, land managers, farmers, ecologists, and those involved in environmental land management to efficiently project manage land use, planning,  development and restoration. This involves -

• Peatland mapping, digital twin, project management of renovation

• Multispectral – Plant health, crop inspection, drainage issues and field efficiencies

• Farm mapping services (precision accuracy)

• Forestry mapping and volumetrics

• Farmland irrigation, drainage

• Pond and wetland creation

• Field boundary analysis

• Hedge and fence line management and measurement

• Mapping and collating data on biodiversity


Sky-Pin Drones is at the forefront of aerial mapping and surveying for peatland restoration purposes, we work closely with ecologists and farm environmental management experts, enabling a great combination and insight in the use and implementation of new technology into the wider farming and environmental sector. We use highly accurate (RTK-GPS) positioning drones (both RGB and multispectral) to ensure data / maps are highly accurate and the outputs are compatible with ARC-GIS, QGIS and other GEO-spatial software solutions. Many of my clients are already at the forefront of environmental restoration, conservation, ecology, habitat, and biodiversity monitoring.

The use of the 3D digital twin helps with the project management of pre and post restoration. Having this technology to visually travel around the peatland from the comfort of your office and share the visualisation with your clients is a tremendous, valued addition to restoration work.  In the 2D version of the area you can see the difference in resolution between satellite data and drone captured data. Many of my clients are using this technology as peatland restoration moves forward.

This mapping of peatland restoration is used in evidencing peat dams, hag restoration and reprofiling. By creating a digital twin of the area, it provides digital proof of restoration and a benchmark for further comparisons. For hag restoration I also provide highly accurate volumetric measurement before and after restoration.

Although satellite imagery is much improved, it is great for macro planning, while drone captured data the micro data, is better for site management and getting boots on the ground. I presented to a leading mapping organization who use satellite data, and they were amazed at what could be produced, with great resolution and impressive 3D modelling.

Dryhope future.JPG

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Peatland 2.JPG

3D Digital Twin 

Peatland 1.JPG

A GEO tagged identical digital representation

Peatland 4.JPG

Orthomosaic overlay on satellite image

  • Note the difference in resolution.

Note the difference in resolution

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