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Aerial data collection solutions

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20MP High Resolution Photographs
4K Ultra HD Video
High Definition Data Capture
RTK Mapping Solutions & 3D Modeling
Agricultural Data Solutions
All Infrastructure Inspection Solutions
Topographical Survey 
Photogrammetry Solutions
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Estate Aerial Photography

Capture aerial cinematography and photographic shots of your property, farm and country estate to promote their sale or market their services and accommodation.

Roof and Building Inspection

Roof inspection will produce a detailed photograph and video of drainage pipes, guttering, gable-ends, chimney and roof tiles. This inspection is stored digitally.

Golf Course Mapping & Photography

Video and 3D models of your golf course and individual holes from an aerial perspective enhancing your website,marketing and sales collateral potential

Education Services

Drone Educational Services for Schools, Collages and Business outlining the influence of drone technology on the economy, jobs, community and the environment. 

2D & 3D Mapping

Drones are a perfect solution for near-ground aerial mapping. With high resolution camera enables mapping at levels of detail never before imagined.

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Sky-Pin Drones Ltd has its CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation). The Company has a fully qualified drone pilot who has had extensive training.


Sky-Pin Drones Ltd has full public liability Insurance of up to £10 million.

Sky-Pin Drones Ltd is the outstanding, data collection company utilising UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles / drones). It provides aerial mapping services, surveys, inspections of buildings, structures, pipelines, wind turbines and land using the highest technical quality video, cinematography and photogrammetry, together with the latest UAV sensors and software technology.


The drone industry is set to grow exponentially in the future with more early adopters investing in internal drone teams for inspection and surveying over many industries.  Drones implementation ensures efficient time management, considerably reduces costs and enhances health & safety aspects of the work force by removing the need for unnecessary work at height, minimising dangers and health risk.


Drones protect workers from exposure to high voltage and enable easy access to difficult to reach and hazardous areas. They drive considerably lower insurance, labour and procurement costs, lowering hourly spend due to no longer requiring the traditional and expensive methods of data referral by the hire of helicopter, scaffolding, cherry picker and heavy equipment. Drones enable greater inspection quota and quality of data of assets in a day, with reduced down time.


They can be used to inspect building, golf courses and land, pipeline, bridges, towers, reservoirs, plant and machinery. One can create highly (CM) RTK GPS accurate and detailed 3D survey maps of an area such as a construction site, river bank for flood prevention and many other assets, in considerable less time than the traditional method, enhancing efficiency of costs and time.




Aerial data acquisition using a UAV makes data capture affordable, more comprehensive, convenient and accessible. With cutting edge sensors and image processing software, drones not only facilitate better data acquisition, but also better analysis and decision making for the end user.

 Commercial Application of the UAV:-

  • Construction site management

  • Agriculture management

  • Fisheries & forestry management

  • Pipeline monitoring (oil & gas)

  • Mining and aggregate stockpile 

  • Power-line monitoring and wind power turbine inspection

  • Aerial photography including movie and TV productions

  • Infrastructure surveillance and inspection

  • Real estate survey and photography

  • Mapping and 3D imagery

  • Search and rescue

  • Wildlife monitoring

  • Security

  • Insurance

The combination of drones, automation and new technology will result in cost savings and increased productivity. Consumer demand generated by drones will create new jobs and have a transformational impact on how we work and live.

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