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Multispectral Crop / Plant Health 

Monitor crop / plant health via vegetation index

Drone mounted multispectral sensors allow the farmers to manage crops, soil, fertilizing application, and irrigation more effectively, while reducing input costs and helping to increase yield. The wider environment also benefits by minimizing the use of chemicals, reducing the release of nitrous oxide (fertilizers, 60% of which run off into water ways, affecting downstream economics) and water wastage.

Multispectral sensor technology use green, red, red-edge and near Infrared wavebands to capture both visible and invisible reflected light from crops and vegetation. Sophisticated software allows for the data collected to be transformed into meaningful data, such as NDVI and NDRE vegetation indices.


Drainage issues and broken drainage pipes also show up on multispectral and RGB collected data.   

  • Multispectral data is an effective tool for evaluating soil productivity and analysing plant health.

  • Identify pests, disease, and weeds. Optimize pesticide usage and crop sprays through early detection and zonation of fields for variable rate prescription of pestilence or fertiliser.

  • Provide data on soil fertility and refine fertilization by detecting nutrient deficiencies.

  • Count plants and determine population or spacing issues, estimate crop yield.

  • Measure irrigation. Control crop irrigation by identifying areas of water stress.

  • Fixing old and the installation of new drainage systems and waterways based on the multispectral data.

  • Survey fencing and farm buildings.

Capture 2.JPG
Capture 2.JPG


Capture  1.JPG

Digital Surface Model (DSM)


Vegetation Index (NDVI & Others)


Zonation of Index

split otho & NDVI.JPG

Orthomosaic & Index split screen


Zonation Perscription

Aggregate the information from the vegetation index into zones and assign application rates to them.

drainage 1.JPG
drainage 12.JPG

Sub-surface Drainage Pipe

drainage 3.jpg

Slightly less visible, but can make them out diagonally.

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