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Sky-Pin Drones Ltd is the outstanding, precision (RTK) data collection company utilising UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles / drones). It provides centimetre precision using aerial mapping solutions, surveys, inspections of buildings, structures, pipelines, wind turbines and land using the highest technical quality video, cinematography and photogrammetry, together with the latest UAV sensors  and software technology.

All quotations and instructions are subject to Sky–Pin Drones Terms and Conditions that are included with all quotations. Our Public Liability insurance up to £10 million.

Sky-Pin Drones will travel throughout the UK. The company is situated around the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and the Lothians. Over 50 miles travel  there maybe a charge agreed prior to the start of the work, approximately 40p per mile. Our services will go anywhere you want us to go (globally).  I can provide fixed price tenders and quotations to councils and other public sector organisations on request.

Owing to the nature of drone services we have to be flexible and sometimes take a practical approach to scheduling client work. Weather conditions and location have a major influence on when and where flying can be carried out. We cannot operate our drones in rain or high winds and you the client may have restrictions on when and where we are able to fly. There may also be aerospace restrictions.


 We are here to work together with you.

Initial requirements from you.

Please supply postcode (or if you use the app "What3words" the 3 words) of the location, with any further details of subject around that location to be filmed, photographed or aerial data to be acquired and the date you propose for this work to be carried out, also include any background and a brief on what is required.

Site Survey

In compliance with the terms of our CAA permissions we have to complete a pre-flight safety check and a risk assessment of the location. This will be completed off-sight and ensures we are not flying in restricted aerospace or without permissions that are required and which we may have to request from other agencies. There can be a mixture of external influences that can affect when and where we can fly, but we navigate through these to decrease possible disruptions.

Once this has been completed we will inform if the work is possible and will send you a quote detailing the brief and risk assessment for the work with a provisional date and costs of the project. 


A further physical check of the location will be carried out prior to the work being carried out, when you agree to go ahead.


We monitor the weather conditions prior to the project commencement date and will keep you informed if conditions deteriorate sufficiently to have to re-schedule at no additional cost. We would always speak with you 48 hours prior to commencement.



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